Sponsor Announcement: Cisco Brewers

February 16, 2015

We are proud to announce Cisco Brewers as our official sponsor for 2015. 

BarUp LLC and Cisco Brewers have entered an exclusive and strategic business partnership, starting March 2015. We are excited to have chosen such a respected sponsor to grow with. BarUp has cultivated a strong and active user base thus far, and we look forward to continued growth with the help of Cisco Brewers. We will promote Cisco beers, wines, and liquors at our bars each week, as well as at BarUp special events. Together, we plan to strengthen our foothold in the City of Boston. 

About Cisco Brewers: Cisco Brewers is a brewery, distillery, and winery on Nantucket Island in Massachusetts. It is the sole brewer on the island. It was established as a winery in 1981 and started making beer in 1995 and distilled spirits in 1997. Cisco Brewers products are currently distributed in 12 states and have gained recognition from The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and the Associated Press. For more information about Cisco’s history, click here.

For More Information Contact:

Christopher Bees - [email protected]


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