The Snapshotr Dual-Chamber Shot Glass

March 5, 2015

So the BarUp team wants to share a pretty sweet product we found and really enjoy. The Snapshotr is a fun way to mix drinks and find what works for you. Not only is it great for pregamming; it’s easy to use. The guys who founded it absolutely crushed a Kickstarter campaign, and for good reasons. This dual-chamber shot glass will revolutionize how we drink.


You can make endless drink/chaser combinations with just a few simple steps:

1) Pour the chaser

2) Twist to lock

3) Pour the shot

4) Drink shot and twist to release chaser

On Snapshotr’s website, there’s a list of really cool recipe/combos that work and taste well. But don’t limit yourself because this dual-chamber shot glass turns all the bros into a mixologist. Endless possibilities.

For information on buying - click here

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