Bar Spotlight - Hops N Scotch

March 23, 2015


Conveniently located in Coolidge Corner, by the C Line, Hops N Scotch is a go-to bar for any local scotch lover. Boasting a variety of over 100 scotch, whiskey, and bourbon choices, Hops N Scotch tops BarUp’s list as the best bar in Brookline. For beer lovers, the bar has over 80 beer selections, fulfilling the desires of any craft beer fanatic. And for the younger crowd (most in student debt), there are cheaper options including the classic PBR tall boy.

Fairly new, Hops N Scotch added what Coolidge Corner missed out on for so many years. A good bar. The food matches its drink selection, with quality dishes which include fish and chips, fried pickles, and top notch sandwiches.

If you haven’t tried Hops N Scotch, give it a whirl. Some weekly events to take notice:

Monday: Trivia Night

Mon-Thurs: 5-7pm Early Bird Special ($5 bar food)

Friday - 3-7pm Early Bird Speacial

Paint Nite coming soon.